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Genesis Mining Plans

If you have a little cash in hand you should consider investing in Bitcoin. A new projection puts a single Bitcoin at $500,000 by 2030. While this is just a projection and is subject to deviation, the constant rise of Bitcoin cannot be ignored. There are many options to invest into Bitcoin. The easiest and safest option to invest in Bitcoin is to simply open a Coinbase account and buy Bitcoin up front. You can buy a single Bitcoin or just as much as you would like—like $20.00. Regardless of what you choose, you are bound to see a good return in time. If you look to invest in Bitcoin, in the long run, you may want to consider investing in Genesis Mining. Genesis Mining used to have lifetime contracts, but it appears they have phased those out and have switched to contract-based plans:

·Gold Plan: $30.00 at 200 GH/s (4.9/5 stars)*for starters
·Platinum Plan: $350.00 at 2,500 GH/s (4.85/5 stars)*if you have the money this is a good option for most people
·Diamond Plan: $1950.00 at 150,000 G…
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Investing in Bitcoin can be Advantageous

Some people like to invest in stocks, real estate, or gold. There are innumerous investment strategies that can be lucrative, so long as you know the market you're working in. I like to talk about currency because currency surrounds our every day lives weather we think it does or not. Let's start with gold. Gold is as prehistoric as currency gets. When man created gold as a currency, it was aimed to create a standard in which merchants could use in a society where goods and services could be traded. The benefit of currency was the ability to trade goods knowing the trade was accurate. Because of the rarity of gold it made the gold standard stable. There is only so much gold in the world, which puts a cap on how inflated the gold currency can possibly reach. 
In the American economy we do not have a gold standard. We have a fiat-currency, which in other words is a currency that we solely trust as being what it's worth with no real face value. The problem with a fiat currency…

Genesis Mining Actually Works!

If you're still on the edge about weather or not you should invest in Genesis Mining that is perfectly okay. The good thing is you can invest just a little bit to see if you like the idea of investing in cryptocurreny. Cyrptocurrency (Bitcoin specifically) in it's younger days was much more volatile, which ended up being a bad for may people who put all their eggs in one basket. Now, the currency has been much more stable allowing individuals to reach into their pockets and own a little crypto-capital. I have been a member of Genesis Mining for a few months now and the results have been surprisingly great. I bought .75 T/H of sha256 and it has given me some steady income. Look at the results below.
Genesis Mining Earnings as of 08 July 2015.
The income is steady and I like it. I mean who wouldn't? The awesome thing about Genesis Mining is that it gets deposited straight into my Coinbase account everyday and I get an email from Coinbase letting me know how much was deposited …

Introduction to Genesis Mining